Here’s a recipe for a yummy porridge you can prepare both for your children and the grown-up members of your family! Oats provide fiber and texture, wheat farina makes it extra creamy, while cocoa and hazelnuts add that special flavor which calls for more! Apart from a filling breakfast, this porridge can be served as a light dessert or a late night comfort food.

To make one portion you will need:


3/4 cup oat, rice or almond milk, plain or chocolate-flavored

1/4 cup water

pinch of salt

1 tablespoon fine rolled oats

1 tablespoon rice or wheat farina

2 tablespoons roasted and ground hazelnuts (filberts)

3 teaspoons rice or maple syrup

2 teaspoons raw cocoa

In a small saucepan, boil the milk and water, then lower the heat and add farina, oats and salt. Simmer over low heat for about 6 minutes. If necessary, add a few extra tablespoons of water during the simmer. Just as the porridge is getting thick, add the hazelnuts, syrup and cocoa and stir well.

The porridge should be soft and creamy, but it does firm up as it cools, so it’s best to serve it right away. Drizzle with more syrup if you like your porridge sweet and sprinkle with chopped roasted hazelnuts to add extra crunch.  One bowl is plenty for breakfast, not just for a child but for a grown-up too! Enjoy!


This recipe is adapted from my cookbook Fermented Foods for Vitality and Health.