This is just one of many variations of kimchi. Take a spoonful or two every day with your main meal to improve digestion. It’s worth making plenty at once and using it up in 30-60 days.


600g / 7 cups green cabbage, cut in thicker strips
520g/ 8 carrots, cut in bite-sized pieces, rolling style
1,2 L / 6 cups cold water
60g / 3 tablespoon sea salt
4 garlic cloves
20g / 3 cm piece fresh ginger, peeled
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
½ teaspoon chilli powder
4 small chillies, whole

Make a brine by mixing water and salt and stir well. Put the cabbage and carrots into the pickle press and cover with the brine. To keep it submerged, screw the lid down just a little. Allow to soak for few hours or overnight. If you don’t have a pickle press, put the vegetables in a bowl and weight them down by resting a plate on top of them. In the meantime, mince ginger and garlic. Drain the soaked vegetables, reserving the brine. Mix them with spices and add whole chillies.
Put this mixture back into the pickle press or bowl and add enough brine to rise over the veggies once you press them down. Screw the lid as much as you can, or, if using a plate, put something heavy on top of it. The vegetables must be submerged in the brine the entire time during fermentation! Check every couple of days and remove foam and mould spots that might appear on the surface of the brine, which is totally normal. Allow to ferment for one week minimum but the best taste develops after four weeks. When the vegetables are done, transfer into jars, cover with the brine and keep in the fridge.
This recipe is adapted from my cookbook Fermented Foods for vitality &health.